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Events for 2014 ( CFG meetings, NYE party, Australia day celebrations, brick fundraising, Upgrade project opening, Plants, Produce, preloved and more )

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fawcetts  restoration

Fawcett Hall upgrade project offical opening 4th of October 2014 at 2pm

Froms Sam's Speech;

"On behalf of the Fawcett Hall Reserve Committee of Management I welcome you all to the Final upgrade project of Fawcett Hall.

To our VIPs I acknowledge their precence today;

Cindy McLeish MP representing minister; Ryan
Mayor of Murrindindi Shire Council Margaret Rae
Councillor John Walsh, Murrindindi Shire Council, our Koriella representative
RDA Hume Region Board member Tony Thompson
Mechanics institute researcher and book author Pam Baragwanath
Judy Eldridge (nee Luckman - Ralph Family – representing the longest residents in Spring Creek Road)

It has been a long journey to get the hall to where we are today, some ten years in the making; we have two major grants; and 3 smaller grants and underpinning this has been 10 fundraising events and ongoing our buy a name brick campaign.

The Heritage Victoria Grant for initial works on the hall celebrated in 2011 with the re opening after 65 years of non use and was possible with a Murrindindi Shire Council Community Grant funded the Conservation Management Plan written by Ivar nelson in 2007

A grant from Public Records Office Victoria allowed us to print our book “Fawcett hall and its people, bringing in 30 years of research and written by Ian Newman.
Last year saw another Murrindindi Shire Council Community group grant for our flagpole and initial Aust day celebrations.

This year saw Community Fireguard Grant for much needed infrastructure; including chairs tables, plates, cutlery, a TV, laptop and pizza oven and a series of Community Fireguard Meetings which underpinned the reason we are here today.

The Fawcett hall upgrade project funded from State Government department DPCD/Regional Development Victoria, which has seen the whole community, local businesses and trades come together for a common goal.

We have seen volunteer involvement totally totalling 20 people, 5 tradespeople and the youngest helping was 3 and the oldest well lets say 70 ish.
Over 600 volunteer hours were contributed totalling a contribution of time and materials which amounted to just over $23K well over our allocation of $10K worth of volunteer hours.
With this huge effort of excess volunteer hours and materials we were able to value add to the grant resulting in 3 toilets instead of 2, a kitchen that can be registered as a commercial set up, a larger storeroom and steps off our new decking.

Today I will ask Cindy McLeish to plant a tree, unveil two plaques, I will ask Margaret Rae Mayor and Judy Eldridge to unveil a plaque also to signify our humble beginnings and then after the closing speeches and presentations we will cut a ribbon with our committee to signify the hall ready for use.

In closing.....

I would like to thank and acknowledge the following people: 

Cindy McLeish MP., Mayor Margaret Rae and Judy Eldridge for coming today to assist with the Fawcett Hall Upgrade Project opening.
Business Development Manager for the Hume region Kim Chadband for your guidance and support.
DEPI's Dian Williams for being supportive in our quest as reserve managers.
Murrindindi Shire Councils Health, planning and building departments, they were professional and supportive right along this journey of permits, regulations and development of the final plans.
Ivar Nelson, we consider you our real heritage advisor and as our CMP author, your support has been there from day one!

I have some special mentions and thank you gifts for the following people, if you can come up when your name is mentioned.
The committee of Fawcett Hall , who have rallied around and been the source for ideas, opportunities for 2 years now, and just got in there for the last 8 weeks and made sure with Bill and Colin the job, was done!

Committee members: ( Presentations ) 

Les Perry, Sandra Macalister, Lyn Mulhall, James Swanton, Jimmy Young, Joy Burchell, Bernhard Sauerbeck and Ian Newman. 

Ian Newman – secretary for 30 years……. Surprise for you under the newspaper on the kitchen door and servery window which you can unveil prior to afternoon tea.

Special mentions:  Jan Young – fundraising queen – who raised in excess of 5K for the project. ( Presentation ) 

Bill and Sandra Macalister, what can I say about the A team? Project supervising builder; Bill and budget, quote queen and co-ordianting the trades; Sandra
Both have shown a massive commitment to this project, hours of planning, budgets, permits,  consulting, researching, sourcing items and components, here on the job with the tools, dealing with the committee, community and a team of volunteers all while trying to live their own lives.

Sandra and Bill your passion and drive has resulted in an upgraded hall that we can all be proud of and utilise for community meetings, events, hiring’s and hall fundraisers.
The halls budget within this project alone was $80,000 and we have shown a return on investment in partnership with the government, local tradies, sponsorship and donations in excess of $120,000 worth of value.
This has been a result of careful planning, budgeting and implementation of the project.
On Behalf of the committee, community and future users of the hall...Thank you.  ( Presentations )

Don’t leave yet…

A special acknowledgment Colin Neal the chippy, who after Bill broke his thumb, stepped up to the plate and took on the practical side of Bills role to ensure completion of the job.

Colin cannot be here today but we thank Colin for his commitment to the project, stepping in when you did and with good humour that you shared while so much was happening around and on the job site.
Bill can you accept this on Colin’s behalf? (Presentation )

Larger regional businesses such as Mitre Ten at Benalla, Lilydale Tiles, and MJC Constructions who sponsored major components of the project, combined supported with $7K worth of materials and in kind support to the project. 

Can I ask Mark Hilder, Keith Noble and Matt Shubert to come forward please? (Presentation)

Others that contributed valuable volunteer assistance are

Bill Beadle, Ian Kilpatrick, Marlene Kilpatrick, Pat Mc Veigh, Ed Oostendorp, Pete Mulhall, Jimmy Thorburn, Scott Reeves, Jordan Mulhall, Alex Mulhall, Greg Newlands (Presentations)

Acknowledgments must also be made to our local Fawcett and Koriella businesses and families such as Alexandra Portable Hire with a toilet on site whilst we built our new ones, Harvesting the Feast and Paddock Meats with many morning and afternoon teas and lunches and the Young’s Jimmy and Jan who donated the beautiful red gum vanities.

Thank you to Les and Marg Perry, Jim and Jan Young and Lyn and Pete Mulhall. 

Underpinning this grant and community support were two other campaigns.The first one was the buy a name brick campaign that saw us in the first round sell in excess of 100 bricks, thank you to the community past and present who supported us. Please I suggest you look at the plans for the laying of the bricks that will happen in 2015 and if you have any questions talk to Ian and or myself.

The second one was a grant from the Fire Ready Communities Grants Program from the Department of Planning and Community Development also, and I need to acknowledge a few people;

Linda Harrington our facilitator, Pat McVeigh, Koriella Fire Brigade, Lyn Mulhall from Harvesting the feast catering and the landowners who attended the sessions. 

Thank you your participation and support.

The halls component of this was to build the storage area to house our new tables and chairs but also to build a wood fire pizza oven.
Originally we were going to purchase a DIY kit but a chance meeting with John Mossy allowed us again to value add to the grant and the hall, we have ended up with a huge pizza oven that will cater to a very large group of people and will allow us to cook much more than pizzas.

I d like to call up John Mossy from JM and HM Bricklaying and Bernhard Sauerbeck from Dynasty Gem pl.

Thank you both for donating your valuable volunteer time, knowledge, materials and tools to allow our community to have the best pizza oven ever!  ( Presentations ) 

Thank you all. Join us now around on the decking for the offical ribbon cutting, photo and arvo tea.

Cindy McLeish Cr Rae and Judy Eldridge plaque one plaque 2 plaque three Ian unveiling the servery

Australia Day Luncheon and Flag Raising at Fawcett Hall.

Residents of Fawcett and Koriella grabbed brought their thongs sunscreen and hats enjoyed the weather, fine fare and flag raising at Fawcett Hall on Sunday 26th of January in Spring Creek Road, Fawcett.
From 11 am there were plenty of activities for the kids, table tennis, cricket and even a beach for the littlies. Residents tried their luck at win the Fawcett Hall Golden Thong Tossing award. 

Nearly 50 people enjoyed BBQ Garlic Prawn Skewers & Bushman’s Sausages with Lemon myrtle and macadamia nut Chicken Skewers with Mini Aussie home grown Beef pies accompanied with salads.After lunch The Thong tossing we conducted at the rear of the hall. Winners were Stefon Gsheider with a thong tossed 21.74 metres, second was Arron with a toss of 20.97 metres and peter 19.05 metres. In the junior section Jamie Mulhall won with a  15.16 metre throw, Emma was not far behind with a 13.54 metre toss and Alex with a 7.35metres.

The official part of the day was then conducted.Sam Hicks President of the Fawcett Hall Reserve Committee in her speech thanked all who attended for their support and highlighted the following organisations, individuals and businesses who made the Australia Day event possible:

‘Lyn Mulhall from Harvesting the feast for the catering, volunteering her time and for coming up with this fundraising event for Fawcett Hall.
Murrindindi Shire Council for the funds for our flag pole and kids activities via the Community Grant program,Cathy McGowan, MP, member for Indi for the Australian Flag.
A surprise sponsor Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm for the donation of prawns.’

Sam invited local farmer Jimmy Young who had crafted a wonderful Australia poem about Fawcett Valley.

Sam then called apon locals Grant Scale and Pat Mc Veigh to represent the older families in Fawcett and Koriella to hand our australian flag to Bill Macalister who raised the flag in honour of our newer residents, past residents some named on the Fawcett School honour board within the hall, our locals who have served, who are currently serving and who have all sworn alegence to the flag.”

Then in true Aussie fashion afternoon tea of of a tea and coffee with Lamingtons filled with cream and  and Pavlova with strawberries & passion fruit.

"Water to flow freely at Fawcett Hall"

Media Release by Bill Sykes MLA  - Member for Benalla  Parliamentary Secretary for Primary Industries  - Friday 19 July 2013 

Fawcett Hall’s long wait for hot and cold running water is almost over thanks to an $80,000 renovation of the facility which is supported through the Victorian Coalition Government’s $1 billion Regional Growth Fund with funding of $60,000.

Member for Benalla, Bill Sykes said the hall will soon be extended to provide a new kitchen, an outdoor deck with ramps, and all-access toilets.

 “Community halls are the lifeblood of any small regional town and this hall– as the only facility for the communities of Fawcett and Koriella – is no exception,” he said.

“The final stage of the hall’s renovation will provide catering amenities and running water to optimise its use for events such as community fundraisers, celebrations and public meetings.

“The more the venue is hired out, the bigger the revenue will be, which will guarantee that the hall remains a sustainable community asset for many years to come.”

Dr Sykes said the extension of the facility will provide training opportunities for local residents.

“Qualified trades people will instruct and train community members through their in-kind contribution to the construction of the hall – which will engage new people, particularly the younger generation, in the life of the community,” he said.

Fawcett Hall's President Sam Hicks is very pleased with the announcement adding, "The Hall Committee, local community members, and local business owners have been very supportive with businesses and individuals willing to assist, by donation of goods and or services and or highly competitive quoting.

“Support has also been pledged from businesses and individuals from as far away as Benalla, Lilydale and Bayswater.

"There have been many locals as part of the project management team (a sub committee made up of local volunteers) working behind the scenes throughout the grant application process who will be thrilled with this outcome that will ultimately equip our small community with a more usable hall.

“This is the last stage of renovation in our conservation management plan and it will be wonderful to having these valuable additions to the hall for functions and events!

“We are already getting inquiries for weddings and events in 2014 and 2015 as people are looking for off the main road venues with beautiful outlooks."

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development, Peter Ryan said the Victorian Government’s $60,000 contribution to the project was being provided through the Putting Locals First component of the Regional Growth Fund, with a further $20,000 allocated by the local community.

“The Fawcett community has been actively campaigning for an upgrade to this facility for years, taking part in fundraising activities and forming landscaping and catering committees,” he said.

“It’s just this kind of project that the $100 million Putting Locals First program was set up to support. By empowering regional communities, we can devise and deliver service and infrastructure responses that reflect local priorities.”

For more information about the Putting Locals First program, please visit  

Media enquiries Bill Sykes MP 0427 624 989

Bill Sykes MP at the opening of the Fawcett Hall in May 2011 following completion of stage one of the hall's refurbishment

Getting Koriella and Fawcett Fire Ready

The Fawcett Hall Committee of Management is pleased to announce it has received funding from the Fire Ready Communities Grants Program offered by Regional Development Victoria. (RDV).RDV is providing funding of $10,620 for a localised series of bushfire planning workshops with the focus on the Community Fireguard program - for landowners (permanent and non-permanent), the development and creation of a communications tree in the communities of Koriella and Fawcett and will provide Fawcett Hall with improved and much needed infrastructure and equipment to be able to host such programs. 

This is an active partnership between the Koriella Fire Brigade and Fawcett Hall to ensure the communities are self-sufficient and prepared for coming bushfire seasons. The project will allow the hall to cater for local landowners and non-permanent landowners. They will be able to be seated while being actively involved with (and see and hear) Community Fireguard presentations in a creative and innovative manner. Pizza, pasta and movie nights will be also included with this program. 

It will allow for greater community understanding for residents on how to prepare their properties for up and coming fire seasons and create a bushfire survival plan for their property. This will encourage preparation, planning and extended communication for local residents and non-permanent landholders with their wider community so that residents can make informed decisions about their own individual fire plans.Short-term and long-term the project will allow presenters to conduct meetings with a range of instruction tools that will include resources to be able show multi media presentations including video and films.

Linda Harrington, Coordinator of the Community Fireguard (CFG) for the Hume region, and qualified Community Liaison/Bushfire Engagement facilitator, will be working with landowners within the 6 sessions that will be held at the hall over the months of August, September and October in 2013, with a CFG maintenance meeting planned for around September 2014.
Topics include Introduction to Community Fireguard, Living in a high-risk environment – Understanding fire and its implication for you, Personal safety and resilience, preparing your property for bushfire, creating and reviewing your Bushfire Survival Plan and there is an optional Workshop: Prepare to stay and Actively defend.

The first session, “An Introduction to Community Fireguard” is planned for Saturday 31 August from 11-1pm, and will be held at Fawcett Hall, followed by a complimentary catered lunch.
All local residents are encouraged to attend.

As Linda explains “Community Fireguard is a great way to get to know your neighbours while increasing the safety of your family and your home. The more you know about bushfires the easier it is to plan and the safer you will be.  I urge all residents to consider becoming part of this great community initiative.”
Landowners will receive their invitations by email and or direct post shortly.
For more information please contact Sam Hicks – Fawcett Hall on 5772 3227 or Pat McVeigh Koriella Brigade on 5772 1172

Hall turns 130 - let there be cake!

Fawcett Hall’s 130th Birthday Celebrations 23 & 24th of November 2012

Friday 23rd of November – movie night
Byo chair and rug if it’s a cool night, enjoy local catering, smell and enjoy the home made Popcorn. Lights out at 7.30pm for the movies

Cost $30 per couple/ $40 family for the movies.  
(Movie for the younger ones in the front room) 

Saturday 24th of November - Bush dance and birthday supper.
Grab your partners, grab those boots and jeans and learn from professional instructors on the night and have a laugh!
Music starts at 7.30pm. Cake, light supper and coffee/tea at 9pm.
Followed by more dancing! Cost $30 per couple/$40 Family.
To Book / enquires: Sam Hicks 

Official MIV register Plaque    130th joint Koriella CFA and Fawcett hall 130th community BBQ 130th Celebrations official community photo

130th birthday cake for the hall and its community  start of movie night  130th birthday cake

Background and previous happenings...

Fawcett Mechanics Institute committee proudly announced to the community they recieved funding of $63,100.00 for urgent stabilizing repairs to Fawcett Hall in 2004. 

The grant was from the Victorian Heritage program for projects through out the state to support communities in their efforts to retain and creatively use heritage assets.
Work entailed painting, re blocking and re flooring of library and kitchen, replacement of weatherboards, doors, windows and spouting.
As much of possible of the original building components were retained in the works, as this is the philosophy that the Victorian heritage program operates on.

That was stage one - part of an ongoing project to make Fawcett Hall fully integrated back in to the community for all to benefit from again.

In 2007 a Conservation Management plan was completed with support from a Community Recreation, Arts and Culture Grants Program that the team were successful in applying for in 2004/ 2005 from Murrindindi Shire Council.

In 2007 Heritage Victoria approved the second stage of works as identified by the committee could begin. (floor, fire prevention and electrical hook up)

In 2008 the committee had a open day to show case works done so far to the Hall, we had inexcess of 400 people attend to see the halls progression click here for the poster.

Stage two was completed with the floor being sanded and oiled, fire extinguishers being installed and the halls first ever electrical hook up being completed by June 2010. 

The third stage will involve landscaping, water tank installation and hook up, ramps and external access.

Once the Ramps and access is done we can prepare for the official reopening for the local community, past community members and residents.

Official Re-opening 28 & 29 MAY 2011 (from 10am - 4pm)

Fawcett Mechanics Institute Hall invited local and past residents to be part of our Official re- opening ceremony held at 2pm on Saturday 28th May 2011.

Attendees on the day came along and see the hall, memorabilia, a slide show of works to date, some even found a bargain at the white elephant sale, many took home a home made jam, relish and or a sauce. People enjoyed the displays of arts, crafts, and photographs over the two days! 

On the day we heard a local resident Jimmy Young recite a poem espcially writtern for the halls re - opening, Ian Newman launched with Helen Armstrongs assistance the Fawcett Hall history book - Fawcett Hall a history of the hall and its people, then Alexandra RSL Sub Branch President Henry Andrews presented a letter sent to children at the Fawcett State School (No 3393) by Lt Colonel Leslie Cecil Maygar VC to the committee. Then to mark the occasion of the reopening Cr John Walsh planted a Manchurian Pear tree to symbolise the valleys past connection with Gold and the chinease that mined here. Member for Benalla Bill Sykes representing the Minister for Planning Mathew Guy assisted in cutting the ribbon with represenatives of past and current members of the families in Fawcett that was stretched along the front fence.

Offical re- opening speeches








A raffle was held and won by local Stephen Mortensen this raffle was kindly donated by Jenny Barca from Arndale Pharmore Pharmacy.

Photo below of Jamie Mulhall drawing out winning ticket at 4pm on sunday 29th May.

And the winner is?

Helen Armstrong cutting the ribbon to launch the book

THE BOOK - Want to purchase the 74 page commemorative booklet- "Fawcett Hall A history of the hall and its peopl"?
Contact Ian direct on 03 5772 2997. Or email here: 
The booklet is $20 per book plus $5 postage and handling.
All profits from the book go to the ongoing restoration of the hall.


Media release by Bill Sykes - Member for Benalla Parliamentary Secretary for Primary Industries FRIDAY 1 JULY 2011

The mysteries, triumphs, hardships and legends that make up the rich history of North East Victoria will live longer and reach more locals thanks to the Baillieu-Ryan Government’s Local History Grants Program which aims to preserve and share Victoria’s past for current and future generations.

Dr Sykes said, “We are extremely fortunate in the Benalla Electorate to have active historical societies and community groups who are committed to preserving our rich local histories.”

Recipients of the Local History Grants Program for the Benalla Electorate are: · Fawcett Mechanics Institute Reserve - $3,000 for a history booklet of Fawcett Hall to celebrate the reopening of the hall in 2011."

Jamieson & District Historical Society, Mansfield Historical Society Inc, Merrijig Public Hall Inc, Violet Town Action Group Inc and Benalla & District Historical Society Inc were also recipants.

" Dr Sykes said, “I congratulate all these groups for the initiative they have shown in ensuring local history is not only preserved but also made accessible to future generations.” Premier and Minister for the Arts Ted Baillieu said the projects funded by the Local History Grants Program reflected the wealth of stories that chronicle the rich and diverse history of a great state. “These grants will ensure the many amazing stories of our past are preserved and shared with the community,” Mr Baillieu said. “Discovering our history can help us to learn from the past and guide our future as a community, which is why the Coalition Government provided $1.66 million over four years in the 2011-12 Victorian Budget to continue the Local History Grants program and the Victorian Community History Award.”

The Local History Grants Program is managed by the Public Record Office Victoria.

Fawcett Hall - a history of the hall and its people @ $20 + ph $5









yeah its open after 70 years or more             lots of people visit Fawcett Hall 28 May 2011

For further infomation, old photographs or offers of support please contact:
the Secretary & historial coordinator for the hall Ian Newman on 03 5772 2997 or
the President Sam Hicks on 03 5772 3227 or email here

More on the hall:
Welcome to Fawcett & brief History of the Hall
Conservation Management Plan

Photo gallery (can be emailed on request its a 10 MB file )
DSE - Committees of Management June 2011 edition with mention of Fawcett Hall

We thank our funding bodies, sponsors and supporters:         

     Fawcett hall open day by the community

Murrindindi Shire Council     Fawcett Hall thanks Heritage Victoria


The Fawcett Hall Committee would like to thank the following people and businesses who enabled the restoration to date,
the opening day weekend in 2008,the official re –opening in May 2011, 130th Celebrations in 2012 and ongoing fundraising to happen.

Restoriation as per Regional Development Victoria Grant;

Mitre 10 Benalla - Mark Hilder ( long term supporter of the hall )
Bill Macalister - Bill the builder 
Sandra Macalister - admin, assistant tres for the grant
Pat Mc Veigh - deckhand
Bill Beadle - best stumper!
Ian Kilpatrick - co-ordiantor of external painting
Chef Lyn Mulhall for all those yummy arvo and morning teas
Bernhard the Tiler
Cappy - Plumbers including Tom and local Beau Smith
Les Perry - Alexandra portable toilet hire 
Mulhall carparking set up
Andrew Burgess - electical consultant

CFG Program

Capt Pat McVeigh
Koriella CFA
Sam Hicks
Lyn Mulhall 
Linda Harrington
Kind donations via our attendees who dont want to be named; equipment for our new kitchen - mops etc 

Fundraising teams

Les Perry - wood chops & providing a sellers prime position
Jan Young for her NYE parties
Jan Young - several successful garage sales; and the team of ladies: Sandra, Robyn, Rosealie, Sue & Vicky.
Ian David Newman - the history book is selling!
Geoff Sparkes and Mick the fencer - a caravan sale! 
Keith and Nicky Noble - a fablous BBQ! 

130th celebrations

NAB agribusiness - Donna Slevin - Alexandra Branch
Koriella CFA
Alexandra Quality Meats - Colin and Mandy Gesler
Lyn Mulhall for the 130th cake
Spring Creek Road Ladies supper

Restoration as per Heritage Victoria Grant and Conservation Management Plan Murrindindi Shire Council Staff and Councillors (Building and planning) 

Heritage Victoria – the board and especially Amy Chan.
Thrifty Link Hardware
I. M & M.G Simpson
J.L Goulds Sawmills
Alexandra Hardware
Ian Newman for being our project manager for the duration of the restoration works (and for writing the book ) 
Alexandra Portable Hire – Les Perry
Bayswater Reblocking
James Swanton and Ian Kilpatrick
Len Sawyer – painter and decorator
Ray Jungawalla
Deborah Kemp – Heritage Advisor
Simon Lloyd – Heritage Victoria
Ivar Nelsen – our heritage conservation consultant
Andrew Burgess and Harry Burgess (electrical consultants)
Murrindindi Historical Register – Rex Tate
Ian and Marlene Kilpatrick

The Spring Creek Artists in 2008:
Georgie Dexter, Donna Carney, Robyn Price, Marlene Kilpatrick, Jan Young, Sam Hicks and Rosalie Beadle with her White Elephant Sale.

Our rostered front door team 2008 and 2011:
Marlene, Rosalie, Sandra, Donna, Jan, Jodie and Georgie our roster co- ordinator.

The Spring Creek Rogue crew for our new front fence in 2008:
Jimmy Young – team leader, Geoff Sparke, Pat Mc Veigh, Nipper Young and Doug Carney.

Sponsors of the fence:
Creeds Timber, Demby Family and Alexandra Motorcycles and Machinery.

Artwork frames :
A joint partnership enabled the artwork frames to be funded by CEACA and constructed by Les Perry and Dave Perry on behalf of the Fawcett Hall Committee.

Sponsors for the access ramp:
Yenckens – Alexandra – Mark Hilder
Bill the Builder McAlister and his trusty nail and support crew: Pat Mc Veigh, Jimmy Young, Les Perry and Sandra McAlister.

Landscaping team:
Jan Young and Sandra McAlister. 

And last but not least the communities of Fawcett, Koriella and Alexandra.

The following people and businesses also assisted:
Alexandra Standard
Snobs Creek Winery
Jenny Barca - Arndale Pharmore Pharmacy for our door prize and raffle in 2008 and 2011 and ongoing support at our NYE parties. 
Doug Carney for his ariel photography of spring creek road in 2008 and foresight to lay telecommunications cables for the hall in 2010.
Ian Kilpatrick and Ian Newman for being timber/wood clean up crew in 2008 & 2011 Rowena for the kind donation of chairs for the hall.
Jimmy Young for his display items.
Vicky and Bill Higgins for their wonderful display of carriages.
Hans Schonekas for all those odd little jobs
Sam Hicks – artwork for book, masses of printing, laminating, emails, invites and just lots of stuff really.
Michael and Georgie Dexter for the donations of goods to the Hall over the years.

Advice and support have been gratefully accepted from:
Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE)
Mechanics Institute of Victoria (MIV)

Bayswater Reblocking, Murray Richards, Jeremy Heyes, John Corbett, Len Sawyer – painter and decorator, Middy’s Data and Electrical, Alexandra Newspapers, Bal Spec – Balustradistic Specialists

Official part of the opening:
MP Bill Sykes, CR John Walsh, Jimmy Young, Ian Newman, Ros Coleman (HV) Dian WIlliams (DSE) and Sam Hicks.

(c) The committee of Fawcett Hall Mechanics Instute Reserve.

As the hall is now

Should you have any further questions please click here to email Sam direct.
© 2015

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